Matrix 0501 Apple CIDR Script Runner

Description of Apple CIDR Script Runner:
This program was made for the Apple CIDR Cyber Patriot team to secure Windows 10 Client/Server along with Debian based linux distributions to the specification of a Read Me. There are multiple versions of this program ranging from CLI to GUI based. The command line version has the least amount of functionality. The TKinter version has more functionality than the CLI but not by much and doesn't run very well. The current and most up to date version is the PyQt5 Version or Version 3.0. The PyQt5 version has a much better UX and more commands as well as being cross platform. 

Version  Repository Location Downloads 
(V1) Command Line Interface (PowerShell or Bash) LinuxCLIWindowsCLI
(V2) TKinter Script Runner (Tkinter)
(V3) PyQt5 Script Runner (PyQt5)