Matrix 0501 OS Hardening Guides and More

Debian/Ubuntu Based Linux Hardening

A list of hardening techniques and tools to use on a Debian based / Ubuntu system. Along with general security enhancements and tweaks to not just keep your server/computer secure but also for your network.

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Windows 10 Hardening

General hardening techniques and tools for a Windows 10 client/server. This checklist also provides several extra ways to not only keep the client/server secure but also how to prevent further attacks on your Windows 10 client/server.

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Cisco PT Checklist


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What To Do On Competition Day (Cyberpatriots)

Here you can find some general things to keep in mind on what you should be doing in preparation for CyberPatriots competition day and some things you should do to help your self learn from the competition after completion.

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